Decisions of the Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday 21 February

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Decisions of the Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday 21 February

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BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - February 22: The Council of Ministers approved, the amendment to the Civil Service Act, also decided to reconsider the sale and rental properties and state lands.

A statement by the Prime Minister 's Office, that " the Council of Ministers, held its regular Tuesday headed by Haider al - Abadi, the Council and Ubark starting to edit the right side operations and victories achieved in the early hours of the launch was to provide a presentation on the progress of operations were also discussed a report on the humanitarian side and sheltering the displaced and the provision of food ".

" It was also to provide a presentation on the results of the Munich conference of international openness on Iraq and what has been achieved in the areas of intelligence, economy, trade, investment and other security, the cabinet voted to exempt the Ministry of Municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad from the private Cabinet decision to protect the national product in terms of chlorine up to June 30 2017 ".

The face of the cabinet "by the disarmament of militias and the Department audited the presence of members of the Awakening in areas participating teams have and the transfer of employees of the Awakening Who 's really to the security services or the same body the popular crowd and their customizations complete solution department no later than October 31 2017".

He noted "with respect to the payment of dues dry gas supplier was approved recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs to postpone the public treasury to claim a share of the profits accruing to the company 's oil pipelines and be repaid the amount received by the Petrochemical Industries Company."

The statement continued , "As has been the approval of the draft amendment to the Civil Service Act , which propose to the Council of Ministers and verified by the State Shura and send it to the House of Representatives."

The Council of Ministers discussed the "project of sale system and rent properties and state lands and the public sector for investment purposes and leasing them was guidance to reconsider the project and hold a workshop with a number of actual investors to develop the mechanisms of successful and encouraging investment."

He also agreed "to authorize the Minister of Finance to sign the Swedish loan of 500 million euros to finance the Ministry of Electricity Projects".

The statement pointed to "display their findings support international stability group agreed on 54 projects for the rehabilitation of water and electricity, health, education and service projects in the liberated areas and guidance regardless employees who joined the work in the liberated areas immediately unless indicate towards them security issues and speeding secured the return of displaced persons from the camps salaries the left side. "

With regard to lifting the ban on Iraqi stadiums were eighth Council of Ministers' Chairman and members of the International Federation of Football initiative (FIFA) to send a commission examining the stadiums in the three governorates (Basra, Karbala, Erbil) and the Board wishes a final decision to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums as soon as possible. "

And provides the Council of Ministers "thanks and appreciation for the ministries of sports institutions , local governments and all those who contributed to the success of the visit of the Committee of FIFA to Iraq, as the continuation of support and backing of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee and the Iraqi Committee Paralympics and the Football Association for the development of sports in order to ensure the application of international standards and receiving teams and teams and the public sports from all over the world. "

He called on the Council of Ministers, ministries and local governments to implement all international standards and to provide the appropriate conditions inside and outside the sports ground in Iraq to receive the teams and sports teams and fans and calls for the private sector 's biggest and active participation to invest in sports and tourism - related project to lift the ban and set up tournaments and international sports festivals, Asian and Arab role . " . Q ended


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