Agenda of the session No. (27) Monday (17) April 2017

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Agenda of the session No. (27) Monday (17) April 2017

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April 17, 2017

First: Reading verses from the Holy Quran.

Second: The vote in principle on the proposal of the law of the executive authority. (Legal Committee).

Third: Complete the vote on the proposed law of the Union of Iraqi Parliamentarians. (Civil Society Organizations Committee, Legal Committee, Parliamentary Affairs and Parliamentary Development Committee). (13 articles).

Fourth: Vote on the proposed amendment to the Companies Law No. (21) for the year 1997 amended. (Committee on Tourism and Antiquities, Committee on Economy and Investment). (2 articles).

Fifth: Questioning the President of the Independent High Electoral Commission. (MP Magda Tamimi).

Sixth: First reading of the draft law to compensate the victims of the refugee camps of the people of the Shaaban uprising. (Legal Committee of the Committee of Expatriates, Displaced Persons and Expatriates). (11 articles).

Seventh: First reading of the draft law on communications and information technology. (Culture and Information Committee, Services and Reconstruction Committee). (42 articles).

Eighth: Report and discuss the proposed law of the operation of the first graduates. (Committee on Higher Education and Scientific Research, Finance Committee, Legal Committee).

Ninth: A general subject for discussion regarding the formation of a committee to audit the state funds.

Tenth: General topic of discussion regarding the disruption of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament.

The session begins at 11 am.جـــــــدول-اعمـــال-الجلســـــة-رق-27/


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