UNHCR completes logistical plan in preparation for polling day

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UNHCR completes logistical plan in preparation for polling day

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Allocated the {backup} counting and counting and confirmed the announcement of results two days after the elections

Baghdad / Awad / Sabah / Omar Abdullatif / Mohafazat / Nahdet Ali / Sondos Abdel Wahab / Hazem Mohamed Habib / Hussein Al Kaabi / Samir Adel / Hassan Shahid Al Azzawi

The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) revealed to the «morning» the allocation of electronic counting and sorting equipment «reserve» in each electoral center and 125 employees were trained to maintain electronic devices in anticipation of any emergency or malfunction, and confirmed the completion of its logistics plan in preparation for the upcoming polling day on Saturday 12 May and explained that the preliminary results will be announced within two or three days after the polling day as planned and approved in time, at the time the Baghdad Operations Command, on Sunday, to facilitate the movement of media and journalists who obtained the Peg of the Electoral Commission during the elections. Dah supported al-Moussawi said in a statement singled out by the «morning»: that «all the materials and the needs of the electoral process completed polling materials and several station pontiffs and cabanas polling (Alparvanat) and electronic devices, which will work on polling day after they produced in the countries of UNHCR and received in preparation for use on polling day».

Al-Moussawi said that "these materials were distributed according to a logistical plan and took into account the time schedules approved by the Commission." He pointed out that "the Commission has completed the training of 125 employees to work as an expert on electronic counting and sorting machines. "Moussaoui hinted that« the Commission did not limit itself to those procedures, but put another plan to allocate backup devices at the level of each center in case the device can not be operated will be linked to the reserve ».

Fraud fears
For his part, a member of the Board of Commissioners Hazem al-Ridini on concerns about fraud during the voting day for legislative elections next week.

Al-Ridini said in a press statement: "The Commission has completed all preparations for the legislative elections day and has no problems at present and things are going on normally." He expected that the electoral process will proceed smoothly. "We have great confidence in the security services, Voting in all governorates of the country and there is no electoral area is not subject to security tightening, which will significantly reduce the cases of fraud ».

"There are stations and polling station staff from all levels of society (university students, employees and others). There can be no fraud in any way, in addition to electronic voting, which will prevent any fraud and minor violations," he said.

"The announcement of the results of the primary elections will be in two or three days after the closing of the ballot boxes," he said: "The special vote for the security forces will be next Thursday, two days before the general election and announce its results with the results of the general ballot, The announcement of the results of the initial ballot after the closure of funds next Saturday two or three », stressing that« the appeals will be received by observers and political entities after the announcement of the results for consideration », and explained that« the announcement of the final results will be after the consideration of all appeals and then ratified ».

Vote the crowd
On the other hand, UNHCR spokesman Karim al-Tamimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Board of Commissioners agreed to allow 47 thousand and 500 fighters in the popular crowd, to vote on the polling day for the security services throughout Iraq, and to open their own centers, From leaving their combat positions », and added Tamimi that« the vote of the rest of the fighters of the popular crowd will be on the day of the general election ».
He pointed out that «not include all the fighters of the popular crowd in a special vote, like the rest of the security services, due to the lack of complete procedures for the structure of the popular crowd and the data of its members and numbers and sent to the Electoral Commission».

Media Movement
The Baghdad Operations Command, in turn, facilitated the movement of journalists and journalists who received the PEC during the elections.
In a statement received by Al-Sabah, Brigadier General Qassem Attia Fares, Director of the Command Media Department, held a media conference at the headquarters of the Command. The conference addressed the guidance of media officers in the teams (the army and the police) To facilitate the movement of journalists and journalists who get the Baj Independent High Commission during the election period, to ensure freedom of the press and free media work ».

Medical Plan
The Baghdad Health Department, Karkh, announced on Sunday the preparation of an emergency medical plan in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
The Director of the Department Jasab al-Hajjami, in a statement received by «morning», that «will be the establishment of all Karkh hospitals and equipped with appropriate storage of livelihood and all the necessary materials to sustain the work, and the preparation of ambulances and care of medical supplies and the creation of cars to support the support of support in case of emergency», He explained that "the introduction of cold conditions in hospitals (simple health conditions), and the establishment of a clinical cover will be reduced by less than 50 percent of the clinical capacity, and the work will be 50 percent in all hospitals on the day of elections." He added that " Of each shower It brought us and the various medical specialties and be ready when you call, and create an operating room in the department to work 24 hours a day, secure contact with hospitals and the center of ministry operations », saying« should ensure that there is a means of combating the good fire and the presence of staff trained to use it when necessary ».

Withdrawal of candidates
In an electoral context as well, on Sunday, the withdrawal of 3 candidates from the elections, has announced the candidate for the list of «Bayarq good» in Kirkuk, Ali Ghadeer, his withdrawal from the elections, and kept in a brief statement on the reasons for the withdrawal, Tamdun »in the province of Kirkuk, Sawsan al-Bayati, its withdrawal from participation in the parliamentary elections, attributed to the« lack of possession of the political blocs program to achieve security and stability and provide services to citizens », as announced candidate for the block« victory »in Arbil Heyman Ramzi, withdrawal from the race.

Kurdish accusation
For his part, accused the MP of the Kurdistan Islamic Group Zana Said, the Kurdish Asayish forces by forcing its members to portray the ballot paper mobile phones to prove their vote for certain parties in the upcoming elections »Said said in a press statement:" The Peshmerga forces and border guards and Asayish closed in Erbil of the party Democratic, and in Sulaymaniyah of the Union Party, and members of these forces do not have the freedom of choice », according to the Kurdish MP.

He added that «security personnel in the region in general threaten to resign and other strict procedures in the event they did not vote for others, and sometimes require them to take pictures on the mobile phone to prove the result of the vote».

Share Baghdad
The newspaper "Arabs" in London reported that the resolution of the capital Baghdad for the electoral battle between the blocks and alliances as it holds the lion's share in the seats of Parliament with 71 seats.

The newspaper said that «the large number of candidates and political entities in the capital Baghdad alone, reflects the size of the fierce election battle that the parties are going to get seats in Baghdad, which is equivalent to the seats of six provinces in full», adding that «2,188 candidates compete in Baghdad alone, within 41 A coalition and a political party to fill 71 parliamentary seats is the share of Baghdad, according to its population, including 17 seats reserved for women, and there are two seats dedicated to minority minorities of Christians
And Sabians ».

"It is noteworthy that the population of Baghdad is about seven and a half million people, and it is distinguished from other provinces by mixing religious, ethnic and national. Therefore, all religious, secular and national parties have an opportunity to compete for about a quarter of the seats in parliament. Between parties
(Traditional president). "



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