Association of private banks honored a number of pioneers of the Iraqi economy Banks

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Association of private banks honored a number of pioneers of the Iraqi economy Banks Empty Association of private banks honored a number of pioneers of the Iraqi economy Banks

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Economy News Baghdad:

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks honored a number of financial and banking leaders as well as a group of economic journalists during a Ramadan evening held at Al Mahatta in central Baghdad.

"The current year witnessed the re-investment and reconstruction conference in Iraq, and the World Bank announced Iraq's need for nearly 80 billion dollars for its reconstruction," said Wadih al-Hantal, head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks.

He added that "the private sector needs a set of laws to increase its participation in the reconstruction process," explaining that "this evening comes to strengthen the concept of financial inclusion as well as honoring those who avenged the flower of their youth to develop the banking sector in Iraq, and offer them gratitude and thanks."

The President of the Association of Private Banks referred to the community initiatives established by the Association, including the "Baghdad Baghdad" initiative to rehabilitate 20 squares in Baghdad, under the patronage of Dr. Naseer Shamma, pointing out that "the percentage of completion of the project in general reached 60%."

"The banking sector has faced many challenges, but it has been able to overcome them by legislating the laws and regulations that regulate its knowledge, especially with regard to dealing with the judicial side.

Al-Hantal praised the efforts of young people who worked within the activities of the Financial Inclusion Week, describing their work as a "Beehive", expressing the Association's pride as having a practical partner, the Central Bank of Iraq.

For his part, said the Director General of the Administrative Department in the Central Bank, Saleh Mahoud, on the sidelines of the evening, which was attended by "Economy News", "The Association of Iraqi private banks of civil society organizations important in Iraq and the result of the activities and important activities carried out by.

Mahoud pointed out that "the central bank believes that the Association has a clear fingerprints over the past period, and believes that he has a strong business partner, the Association of Iraqi private banks, which bears the banner of private banks in Iraq."

He added that "the central bank has a lot of initiatives, including the initiative (Tamkeen) and that banks participate monthly in support of the initiative fund, to finance cultural projects, environmental and humanitarian and others."

Mahoud stressed that "in one of the meeting of the Central Bank, headed by his governor, Ali Alaq, two days ago, the latter said that the Association of Iraqi private banks, one of the important entities in Iraq, which is always working hard in its work.

On the other hand, the evening was attended by a number of symbols of the Iraqi economy, which were honored at the end of the evening, including Dr. Tariq al-Takmaji, former governor of the Central Bank, former Minister of Finance Thamir al-Shaikhli, and Izz al-Din al-Bahrani, former Central Bank governor, The former Governor, Adel Hassoun, Salman Idan, Muwaffaq Hassan, Abdul Baki Rida and Dr. Hajir Adnan, Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics at Al-Nahrain University.

The ceremony was also attended by a number of journalists and journalists. Qais al-Murshid, the presenter of the program "Dinar" in Al-Iraqiya TV channel, Abbas Aboud, editor of Al-Sabah newspaper, Hussein Thagb, head of the economy section of Al-Sabah newspaper,


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