Newspaper: The second state is moving away from Abbadi and his alliance is threatened with disintegration

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Newspaper: The second state is moving away from Abbadi and his alliance is threatened with disintegration

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In the policy of June 19, 2018 comments to the newspaper: the second state away from Abbadi and his alliance threatened to break up closed 17 visits

"The political gap widens between Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Arab reported in a report. "The latter's chances of getting a second term in office are dwindling because of that.

"Observers often put both Abadi and Sadr within a single Shiite front with a counter-revolutionary orientation against Iran's allies, until the Sadrists blew up that classification in alliance with the hawks loyal to Tehran," the report said.

The report added that "before the general elections last May, it was thought that the alliance between Sadr and Abadi is a matter of time, on the grounds that the latter will win the elections and that the first will join him as a supporter of his reformist approach, but the results of the elections, Scales ".

He pointed out that "instead of the alliance with al-Abadi, the leader of the Sadrist movement headed to the list led by the leader of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri, declaring his alliance with them revealed the absence of an Iraqi Shiite front in opposition to the expansion of Iranian influence in Iraq.

According to observers for the Iraqi issue, it was possible that the alliance of Sadr with Abadi base to form the largest parliamentary bloc if Abadi did not hold the post of prime minister, which was not desired by most of the political blocs, no objection to the character of Abadi, but a desire to remove the Dawa Party from power and end its influence within State institutions.

The report added that "it does not seem strange in light of the tense political situation in Iraq because waiting for the moment to decide on the results of the elections in a final that the Dawa parties (Abadi and Maliki) do not announce their alliance, because the parties know that that declaration will negatively affect the possibility of persuading many parties Which is still reluctant to join them.

On the other hand, some analysis goes on to say that all things remain pending, waiting for the American position, which has yet to say its final speech on the next Iraqi government. It is not logical for Iran to decide how Iraq will be judged as if it still has the power to impose As the decision to contain its presence in Iraq by the United States has become clear, which could lead to the confusion of the papers in an unexpected way by the formation of new alliances instead of what is now announced.

The report added that "Abadi did not have many allies, after the inclusion of Sadr to his side, both the leader of the secular national list Iyad Allawi and the leader of the wisdom movement Ammar al-Hakim, Allawi announced that this broad understanding is expected to join the Sunni alliance led by Khamis Khanjar and the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, Abadi tried to reunite political forces by inviting them to the table of collective dialogue after the Eid holiday, but his efforts did not produce a clear result.

Zia al-Asadi, an official of the Special Political Bureau of Sadr, denied that the Sadoun alliance, sponsored by the Sadrist movement, received an official invitation from the head of the Al-Nasr alliance, Haider al-Abadi, to participate in the dialogue, while those close to Abbadi said that prominent Sadrist leaders had received Abadi's invitation to Sadr, It is likely that the negation of al-Asadi is an expression of a negative attitude towards the prime minister's initiative.

Observers believe that the Shiite political front, which includes Abadi and Sadr, is practically disintegrating in Iraq, and the two men may turn into rivals if both sides continue to cross paths with each other.

Al-Abbadi is counting on remaining in office for a second term to ensure that his electoral victory list continues to be cohesive. Otherwise, it could quickly disintegrate as consultations begin to form a new government and cabinet portfolios or important positions are presented to its sub-forces, especially the Fadhila party, sponsored by Shi'ite cleric Mohammad Yacoubi and "Biyarek al-Khair", led by former Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi.

Political sources in Baghdad reveal consultations by representatives of Abadi with representatives of Nuri al-Maliki "to face the scenario of the exit of the post of prime minister of the Dawa Party."

Despite the sharp differences between Abadi and Maliki, but the former maintained his position, head of the Political Bureau of the Dawa Party, while the second occupies the post of Secretary General.

The sources say that "Sadr gave the green light to leaders of the Sadrist movement to discuss with the political forces allied on the nomination of a new prime minister from outside the Dawa Party."

The sources added that "Sadr is willing to accept a candidate from outside the list also sponsored, in exchange for some conditions."

According to the sources, the leader of the Sadrist movement told the leaders of the Iranian-backed Fatah list that he would not support any candidate he proposes, including its leader Hadi al-Amiri, suggesting a move toward an independent candidate or a compromise candidate.

The sources say that "Sadr gives priority now to build a broad-based parliamentary bloc in the new House of Representatives may reach the number of seats to 220 of the total seats in the 329 parliament."

This number can guarantee the simple majority required by the passing of the government, which is half the number of seats in parliament plus one seat, and will ensure this two-thirds majority needed to choose a president mandated by the candidate of the largest bloc to form a government.

However, observers say that the alliances announced are not final, and that the surprises come at any moment.


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