Frank26, Aggiedad and KTFA Members Thursday Afternoon 9-8-16

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Frank26, Aggiedad and KTFA Members Thursday Afternoon 9-8-16

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Frank26: KTFA FAMILY this is an update from my TEAMS that I wish to send to you please enjoy ...........

Hi Frank ,Currency auctions are being done with letters of credit it was started and stopped in Aug, restarted now. the auctions are not stopped while they went from remittance to letters of credit anymore because their purposed has changed quite a bit.

The auctions fell under the mcp we don't know why yet they stopped remittance supposedly 91 days. Believe me this is good but We do not know the details yet and that is where the devil lives lol. With all of the news about wto and velocity finally moving (for Us) in a positive direction. Now don't go getting crazy the auctions purposes now are for internal debt, and I don't know the details.

Abadi said in a speech that all reforms have started, let's just watch and see how things go, This is what I was talking about in the back room of the CBI and there is more info to come.

Stay with DELTA CBI /Go.

Aggiead77: Thank you Frank.....good things to the reforms start to ramp up speed......why would that be.....Mosul is becoming less and less of a place to hang out for ISIS/DAASH.....or they will find themselves....."hanging out"....LOL....IMO of course......

Watching and waiting on Keywords......keywords....they will speak loudly I believe.....and IMO....the 91 days has nothing to do with the is merely an auction time frame that has been halted....for what reason we do not yet know.....thanks again. Aloha Randy


Aggiedad77: If the over-the-road haulers are picking up speed.....that means improved and enhanced safety and security measures IMO.....they feel more secure to be on the road and it also appears to mean that maybe money is being freed up to pay for the shipments....these are good signs....

Things we want to see happening for the Iraqis....goods and products on the the end users....the Iraqi citizens....IMO. Aloha Randy

Land Transport profitable in August estimated at more than three times that for the month of March



Economy News General Company for Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport / Baghdad achieved 0.863 million Iraqi dinars, an increase of 380% compared to last March.

A statement by the Ministry of Transportation received the "Economy News", a copy of "Transport Minister Kazem cup erythema praised the efforts of the company and drew a letter of appreciation to the Director General of the General Company for Land Transport Abdul Amir al-Muhammadawi for his efforts and distinguished by escalating percentage of revenue for the month of August, reaching 863 million dinars net profit compared to March and by the receipt be escalating rate of 380%. "

He added that the company started distributing monthly incentives for the month of August, amounting to 187 million dinars, an increase ratio of 253%, as the company started distributing the Eid al-Adha, a reward for four thousand employees and employee.


Don961: Maliki's mug on TV ... and all over the news , papers , social media , etc .....speaking of his corrupt , suspicious dealings ... IMO

Video: "death trade" .. brazen because Iraqi blood, "al-Maliki" suspicious transactions

September 062 016 20:29

Mohammed Al-Dulaimi

Channel "Arab published event," a video about the corruption of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's report, and wasted public money on the blood of the Iraqi people account.

The report, that Nuri al-Maliki has spent millions of dollars in RAPISCAN suspicious transactions, which have been in vain it seems, as confirmed by the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council last judgment the issue of feasibility carts RAPISCAN which was supposed to determine the positions of explosives.

The report pointed out that the security committee confirmed that the sonar cars that have recently been deployed at the entrances of some areas of Baghdad, including the Karrada which saw the explosion yesterday, does not reveal explosives in any way, it is a depiction ray ordinary ray devices, and any professional point of Hide improvised way these devices are unable to monitor and further implementation of the bombing.

Security Committee recommended the lifting of intelligence resources, that the amounts spent on these vehicles was to become a more meaningful if it was spent on the Iraqi intelligence services and resources, which by the way is currently operating without a budget, according to the Committee members.

The report, to be vehicles RAPISCAN entered service in the aftermath of the worst attack witnessed in Baghdad since more than a decade, which killed about 300 people last July, replacing the simplest IDE 651 body organs, which came in turn to Iraq via the deal was marred by corruption .

Proved false is the other, and remained paradoxically in service in Iraq for years in spite of the organization that sold to Iraq in the UK trial. AS / o

Watch the video.. link

Walkingstick: Alusi: Zebari received financial order of the IMF and the forces of law and want to overthrow him


The chairman of the Civic Democratic Alliance bloc Mithal al-Alusi, Thursday, for parking the Union forces and a coalition of state law behind the work on the grill and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, to remove him from the ministry feared detect corrupted files of their own, noting that Zebari was inaugurated on Finance by the World Bank in return for granting Iraq loans.

He said al-Alusi's / balances News / "Iraq when he or loans from the World Bank refused to give Iraq," noting that "the World Bank said, and I quote the Iraqi government that distrust fiscal policy and finance ministers who Twalua on the ministry."

He said al-Alusi, said that "the World Bank on the condition of Iraq's inauguration Zebari, the Ministry of Finance in exchange for the granting of loans to Iraq to trust him as a diplomat, as opposed to others."

He noted diplomat, said. "Move towards Zebari and his dismissal came before the Union forces and a coalition of state law to overthrow him, fearing revealed major corruption files in their own financial-day control of the ministers belonging to them on the financial"
The House voted last week, on a lack of conviction answers fiscal Minister Hoshyar Zebari said after being questioned last month.

The Council is scheduled to vote today on whether or not to dismiss Zebari, but the lack of a quorum for the command is completed until after the feast. It ended 29/33 h


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